I love Sunday mornings. Staying in bed with an exciting book (mostly novels or crime), my cats and a good cup of tea. I like it very cozy so I often wear my Burberry sweatpants, but the most important thing is the selection of my Sunday morning tea. As it´s really my morning highlight, it has to be the best.

Last week I found a great tasty one, which I will introduce to you now. The name is “Smecket“. Smecket only uses natural ingredients, no artificial flavors or taste enhancers. I already tried several sorts: “Red berry”, “Pineapple & Cocos”, but my absolutely favorite one is “Ginger & Chai”. It makes you really awake, even it´s non-caffeine. It contains lemongrass, ginger, peppermint leaves and black pepper. Because of the lemon and the liquorice it gives the tea a fresh and very tasty note. It smelled so good, my cat came to check out what it exactly is 🙂 You can see the funny picture of him smelling at the cup of tea below.

I also like the design of the Smecket tea cans a lot, they are nice to have in the kitchen. Now I wish you all a great relaxing Sunday and for all tea lovers: You should definitely try Smecket tea!

In friendly cooperation with Smecket.



  1. Genauso verbringe ich auch gerne meinen Sonntagmorgen: einfach im Bett liegen bleiben und mal die Dinge genießen, für die man sonst zu wenig Zeit hat 🙂
    Liebe Grüße,

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