I´m an interior lover, today I show you a little bit of my apartment interior and how I live.
A very necessary piece is my make-up table, i love it to get ready here as the light is very good and I enjoy it to sit here while I put my make-up on. My whole apartment is styled in “Shabby Chic”, I love that romantic princess style 😉 All my furniture is white and cream white, I´m obsessed with the clean feeling of it, you can call me “allwhitelover” :-).

My kitchen is one of my beloved things in my apartment, the room is one of the biggest rooms and the kitchen is 15 feet long. When I moved in, there was no one and it was the first kitchen I bought in my life. Quite a project I must say, especially because I have very high ceilings, as the building where I live is around 100 years old. Also the walls are not 100% exact. I had to hire three different kitchen builders until it was all built up.
My kitchen table and my padded chairs are handmade and customized. The padded chairs are made of real leather, If you are interested where I got them from, you can check out the links.

Another personal highlight is my 15 feet long and lighted wardrobe. I love it to have plenty of space for my outfits and I enjoy the lighted inside every time I open it. My old wardrobe was so dark inside, I never could find anything I was looking for… Also I have light spots on the ceiling, so the room is very bright, love it 🙂

In my living room I have some unique old frames, when I moved in I was driving all around in Munich to find them. Most of them I bought from older people, which had them in their basements. I love old framework.
On the two other pics you can see my two cats “Lucy” and “Schneeball” (Snowball). They are 8 years old and still my little babys 🙂
I think now you got a good idea how I live and what kind of interior I prefer.

pictures by @pifotografie



  1. Liebe Annika,
    wie schön ist bitte deine Wohnung?! Traumhaft!! <3
    Ich weiß noch was ich für ein Drama mit meiner Küche hatte. Etwas zu finden, dass zu 100% meinen Vorstellungen entsprach war eine wahre Sisyphus-Arbeit. 🙂
    Dein cleaner Wohnstil hat es mir ganz besonders angetan, obwohl ich selbst es nie schaffe alles Ton in Ton abzustimmen, auch wenn es mir bei anderen so gut gefällt. 🙂

    Allerliebste Grüße,


    • Hey Susa, oh danke ☺️ Schön, dass dir meine Wohnung gefällt. Früher war meine alte Wohnung schwarz/braun eingerichtet daher gibt es jetzt das Gegenprogramm 😉 Hoffe wir sehen uns bald. 😘

  2. You have a beautiful apartment Annika. I love the shabby chic look. I am swooning over the padded chairs. The white makes your apartment look very bright which I also love. My kitchen is also the most important room in my home as well 🙂 I spend a lot of my time in the kitchen. Thank you for introducing us to Lucy and Schneeball. They are adorable. You are a great wardrobe stylist so I am not surprised are your interior decorating skills. Well done!!!!


    • Hi Nikki, you are so sweet <3 Glad that you like my two honeys 🐱🐱 Thanks for all your compliments, have a great Sunday night 😘

    • Hallo Anna,

      danke, ja ich liebe meine Katzen über alles 🙂
      Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Mittwoch Abend.

      Viele Grüße


  3. Hallo, wann darf ich einziehen? Ich würde auch die Katze versorgen 🙂 – ich liebe Katzen. Was für eine tolle Küche und noch mehr hat der Kleiderschrank mein Herz erobert. Wundervolle Wohnung, traumhafte Fotos. Liebe Grüße Martina – http://www.lady50plus.de

    • Hallo Martina, danke für deine lieben Worte. Meine Katzen würden sich auch sicher freuen versorgt zu werden 😉 Schön, dass dir meine Wohnung gefällt. Liebe Grüße Annika

  4. oh my! your kitchen is beyond awesome!! soo beautiful 🙂 it really is 😀 that’s kind of exactly what I want my future kitchen to look like!! holiday greetings from the wellnesshotel sölden

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