Did you ever go to Mauritius? I love this green island, it´s already so beautiful when you are landing and look outside through the little airplane window.  We went to two different Beachcomber hotels, today I´m writing about the Dinarobin Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa, which is located in Le Morne, a half island on the south west coast. It´s a 5+ star (6 star) hotel, never been to one before. Honestly I didn´t see the differences between a 5 star and a 5+ star hotel 😉 But it was very nice there, a wide white beach, hangmocks at the Villas and crystal clear water.

If you decide to go to Mauritius, don´t go in June it´s way too cold in my opinion. I was sometimes freezing because Mauritius can be quite stormy. You should better go in the main season between January and March. My favorite activity was the Dolphin and Whale watching tour we did with Dolswim LTD. I chose that company because they take care of the animals and don´t go too close with the boats. You can wear snorkeling masks and jump off from the boat, when you are lucky, a huge swarm of around 20-30 dolphins are swimming below you. This was such an awesome experience, I was so excited and they are soo fast! Later we went to a whale watching tour, which was also sooo incredible! You go away with the speedboat around 1h from the island and we were able to see eight sperm whales! I wanted to jump into the water so bad, but you are not allowed to. Whales and Dolphins are my favorite animals so when you also love them, you HAVE to do this activity 🙂 You have to go with the earliest tour, as a lot of boats are coming later.

My second best activity I can recommend is hiking down the Tamarin waterfalls. There is no guided tour you can buy, but I read a lot online about it so we drove there and you can find a local guy as soon as you get there. Without a guide it´s not possible to find the way down there. You can walk down all seven basins, which takes a whole day. We just did the first 4 falls. You can even jump down off the waterfall when you wear your swimsuits, it was such an incredible experience.

Matterhorn of Mauritius
Chamarel waterfall

Tamarin falls – one of the seven falls



  1. Wow, wirklich tolle Bilder, da packt mich auch gleich das Fernweh.
    Da wart ihr ja in tollen Hotels untergebracht.
    Auf den Bildern sieht das Wetter ja traumhaft aus.
    Wir waren Ende August in Mauritius und haben auch festgestellt, das das Wetter sehr wechselhaft sein kann.
    Wie bei uns in München, Freitag Schneegestöber total und heute dieses Traumwetter.
    Hab noch einen schönen Sonntag.

    • Hi Sassi, glad you like the hotel, I will do another Mauritius post in a while about our other hotel. It seems there is limited time to have nice weather in Mauritius 😉 I hope you had a sunny Sunday 💕

  2. Ach Himmel !
    Mauritius steht ganz oben auf meiner Reise-bucket Liste und bei den Fotos bekommt man einfach nur Fernweh.
    Das Hotel sieht einfach nur Himmlisch aus.
    Danke für die Eindrücke – schon alleine das anschauen ist wie ein virtueller Kurzurlaub 😀

    alles Liebe deine Amely Rose

    • Hi Amely,

      Thank you very much, I´m very happy to hear my pictures give you something like a quick holiday 🙂
      You should definitely visit Mauritius, it´s worth it 🙂


    • Hi Michaela,

      Thank you, I´m happy you like my Mauritius pics 🙂 Maybe you can save up some money, travelling is just one of the best things in life 🙂


  3. I have not been to Mauritius however my mom was recently there and she loved every minute of it. Listening to my mom’s travels and reading your blog is inspiring me to check out this tropical destination. Your pictures are beautiful and hiking down the Tamarin waterfalls sounds incredible. Thank you for sharing Annika.


  4. Liebe Annika,
    ich MUSS nach Mauritius!! Deine Bilder haben mir wirklich Fernweh gemacht und auch wenn du Juni als Reisezeit nicht gerade empfiehlst – mir erscheint es angesichts dieser Bilder als die perfekte Zeit um in dieses Paradies zu entfliehen. 🙂
    Bei mir ist dieses Jahr noch kein längerer Urlaub geplant. Wer weiß, vielleicht wird’s ja eine spontane Reise? 😀

    Allerliebste Grüße,


    PS: Dein Blogdesign gefällt mir super gut!! <3

    • Hi Susa,

      Thank you so much 🙂 Yes it was very cold in June, not to see on the pictures 😉
      I’m curious where you will go 😉

      Have a nice day


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